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We’ve been serving the Antelope Valley since 2005. Some of our kids have been with us for many years, and others that have left, always seem to come back, even if it is to just say “Hi”. We love what we do and invite you to come join us and be part of our little family.

We give our kids the love and attention they need and always make sure they are busy learning or having fun.

If you are interested in joining KNCD we encourage you to either call us of click the link below.

” A True Home Away from Home”

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission to Children

Our Mission is to give every child a stable and loving environment for them to express themselves and experience a real home away from home. Help raise, educate, guide, encourage, motivate, heal, respect and most importantly appreciate each of them.

Our Mission to Parents

Our Mission for Parents is for them to go to work or school and know that their children are in the care of people that truly care and will protect them while they are away. We will do everything we can to make your children feel comfortable and loved while in our care.


Our Vision is to have a positive influence in every child. Impact children in a positive way and help them build the tools to play a positive role in society. To guide children towards the right direction and fill them with positive messages. We want to be part of the change, every child deserves a chance and we will do all possible to have a positive influence in their lives.