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"5 stars is an understatement. I encourage anyone and everyone who needs daycare to call kids n colors daycare. I was nervous to put my daughter in a daycare and I called so many when I was looking to go back to work, I was quickly relieved, Monique was so happy excited when we meet her the first time. I cant tell u how it felt to know my daughter was in good hands, and I cant imagine my life without kids and color daycare" - Jaime Kirkham
Jaime Kirkham
Daycare Parent since 2008

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November 2023

It’s November at Daycare! We have a month full of fun ahead of us! This whole month children will be working on crafts and keepsakes for the theme Thankfulness. We also have a short fun Spirit Days leading up to our Annual Thanksgiving Potluck! If you would like to sign up please let staff know, Thank You! Little House: This month our young learners will be exploring brand new topics! – Shapes: Oval, Hexagon – Social Studies: Family – Science: Seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer – Alphabet: Letters Kk-Mm – Numbers 13-15 – Virtue: Thankfulness A Month to be Thankful Children will have so much fun! With lots of fun creative ways to explore all the new subjects such as

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Get to Know Ms Monique

Hi, I’m Ms. Monique Hey there, I’m Ms. Monique, and I’m here to share my incredible journey in the world of childcare with you. My

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November 2023

It’s November at Daycare! We have a month full of fun ahead of us! This whole month children will be working on crafts and keepsakes

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October 2023

Fun Filled Spooktacular Month It’s that time of year when the leaves turn shades of gold and crimson, and the air carries a hint of

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Daycares in my area?

There are many Daycares in Palmdale , but our daycare is located in the heart of Palmdale Ca. We are close to the 14 freeway and easy to find. So if you are looking an amazing daycare in Palmdale, you found it!

Safe and Loving

Our focus is to give our children an area that they can feel safe and be creative. We have designed our childcare to focus on the importance of being a kid. We have all the necessary tools available to help their development.

Distance Learning

We have made the changes necessary to make sure our kids have the support they need during distance learning. Our kids have an environment where they can focus and stay on track with school. This is new for all of us, we are very proud of our program.

Flexible Schedule

Busy parents need a flexible daycare and it is why we offer our parents a flexible schedule that they know they can count on. Since 2005 our parents have the ease of mind to know their kids are well protected when they drop off early and pick up late.

Ms. Monique's tips to finding the Right Daycare

A daunting task for every parent, the moment you realize you need to find a daycare for your precious children. It’s stressful, time consuming, and sometimes urgent; taking away time to check out multiple daycares in the area. 

First things first, If you’re looking for a daycare in Palmdale, or asking yourself “I wonder where I can find the best daycare near me”, then you need to start by doing research.

Start by asking questions

Great way to start your task of finding the right daycare is by asking your friends, family, and co-workers if they have any recommendations.After, best place to start is Google and Facebook. Just type in your search and you’ll see a list of daycares in palmdale or any city you’re in. 


Questions to ask

As parents your main concern are your children and it is never wrong to ask to many questions. As providers we encourage you to ask as many questions as you would like. By asking questions you are making sure which environment is right for your children. You might be asking yourselves which Daycares in Palmdale or  daycare in general are right for me and my family.

  • Some questions you might ask may be: 
  • Is the center or in home daycare licensed by the state?
  • How many kids is each caregiver responsible for?
  • How do they discipline the children?
  • What is their emergency plan?
  • Is the staff trained in CPR and first aid?
  • How experienced is the staff with children?
  • Can you visit your children at any time?
  • How does the staff communicate with the parents?
  • What do they feed the children?
  • Are they sponsored by USDA (United States department of agriculture) food programs
Trial Period

This is a good thing for children starting a daycare. After searching for daycares in palmdale or any other city and select one, you as a parent should let them know that you’re interested in a trial period when signing up. Daycares use trial periods to observe if a child is adapting well into their new environment. Sometimes just because you think it’s a good daycare doesn’t mean your child will feel the same. I’m not saying the daycare is bad, but maybe there are certain factors that are not setting well with your child; one common issue is size of daycare, some kids thrive better in smaller daycares and vice versa.

Do not feel bad if your childcare provider tells you that perhaps it’s better if you search for another daycare within the trial period. Ask why and if they can give you any recommendations. Don’t see this as an insult or anything negative, instead be happy that the daycare was open with you, and cared more about your child than a paycheck.

“A child’s’ happiness and ability to adapt in a new environment is more important than anything”

What to look for in a daycare

What should you look for in a daycare? Parents always want the best for their children. There are many daycares in Palmdale but in order to find the best daycare for your children and be able to feel comfortable with your new provider, you have to look for certain details.

  • Is your child drawn towards the daycare provider? Does your child express positive feelings about the daycare provider?
  • How does the staff interact with the children? Are they kind and considerate towards them?
  • Is there plenty of playtime or activities for your child/children to participate in.
  • Is the facility clean and safe?
  • Does the center have an outside area where the children could play?
  • Are foods and beverages provided throughout the day?
  • Do the children look happy and engaged in activities?
  • Do the children look dirty and not taken care of?

Personally, I love the children in my daycare in Palmdale. I started Kid’s `N Colors Daycare because I volunteered at other local daycares in Palmdale when I was a teenager, and noticed that children had a special connection with me.

It amazed me to see kids at daycares I would volunteer for follow me around, gravitate towards me when looking to be reassured.

This became important to me when I stated my daycare, and later as I realized having great relationships with my children not only made my job more exciting, but was a huge benefit for my kids’ development. The Center of the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning conducted a research project focusing on teacher-child relationships, and concluded that children who have a good relationship with their teachers or childcare providers are influenced positively in their social and emotional development, and good peer interaction. more here.

This is why it is important to notice the relationship your child has with your daycare provider, as it can have a future developmental impact on your child.

Meet your needs.

When you’re trying to find the right daycare in Palmdale, you have to know what you want. Where do you want the daycare to be located? Do you want an in home daycare or a large center? Do you want it to be closer to your home or work? These are all things to consider and there is really no right or wrong answer, it all depends on what works for you as far as convenience and comfort level of the selected daycare.

We’d love to help!

We’d love to help! If you’re looking for a daycare in palmdale, please give us a call at 661-266-1220, or fill out the contact form on here. We would love to have you join our small yet amazing daycare family. We have had the pleasure of providing care for dozens of families since 2005, and proudly can say that most of our kids stay with us until they are able to care for themselves or move—yet they always visit!

Please follow us on facebook and read more reviews here.

Still Have questions about finding the right daycare? Watch Ms. Monique give you tips in the video below

How to find the right a daycare near me.

Many of you are busy parents that either work or go to school. It can be tough not finding the right daycare for your child/ren because your kids mean everything to you. Yep, we parents all go through the same dilemma, but asking yourself “What’s a really good daycare near me?” comes with a few things to look for to know if the daycare’s you will be visiting are the right fit for your kiddos.

Check out the video below. It may serve as a good way to find the answer to what’s a good daycare near me!

Thank you so much and hope this helps 🙂 xoxo