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November 2020

Welcome November! 

So excited to see our kids happy during this season of celebration! Last month we had tons of fun during our spirit week, and also an unforgettable Halloween Party!

Our daycare kidos were super happy, something well needed during these different times. We’ve been doing this since 2005, and I have to say that the challenges we face now makes everything in our little daycare world like a puzzle of 1000 pieces; we have to be patient as we have to try different things to piece it together. 

To continue giving our kids as much normal as possible.

That’s why we want to continue doing these special events for our kids. It’s important to keep their spirit up and remind them that being a kid is all about having fun.

So this month when you ask yourself “what is a good daycare near me doing for kids during November?”

Thanksgiving Celebration Week!

Know we are here for you and your kids.

Parents! Looking for a daycare that assists kids during their distance learning? We do and would love for you to join our daycare family 🙂

Daycare News Daycare News 2020

October 2020

Hey guys nice seeing you! Super fun spooky daycare begins in October! Yay, for pumpkins, jack o’lantern’s, and Halloween crafts that will be crafted by our  little witches and sorcerers. 

I’m sure you all already know Halloween is My personal favorite since, forever! 

This month at daycare we are doing a bunch of fun stuff with our kids. Our daycare in Palmdale is doing everything possible to keep up the spirit, and give our kids some normal things to look forward too. We will still do it in a safe manner, and it seems that we are doing a good job at it  since everyone at daycare is healthy.

On other daycare news, we continue assisting our kids in distance learning. What can we say our tutors are Rockstar’s, and we are so happy we discovered some VERY talented people to join our team. So a big Hooray for our daycare team for working so hard to keep our kids on task.  

What are your kiddos doing this Halloween? Asking yourself  “Is there a good daycare near me that has taken all Covid measures to keep kids safe?” Give us a call today and get your kids in on time for the celebrations. 

Daycare News Daycare News 2020

September 2020

We’d like to thank all of our daycare families for working with us to make the best out of distance learning, which is now a part of our everyday life. Our kiddos are trying hard to stay on task, complete their work and make sure they are up to date. We are working closely with teachers to make sure we give them the support they need to teach their students from distance.

It really is a challenge, but we decided that if this is going to be the new way kids are being educated then we must do our part to part to give our kids all the support they need.

What did we do? We hired tutors for you kids! That’s right, we decided that our kids come first, and we will do what ever it takes to help them continue being successful in school–after all they are the future of our world and that means everything to us.

This did not come lightly as we did not know the future of EVERYTHING during the first few months of the pandemic, however, since we have always tried our very hardest to give our kiddos the best we wanted to make sure that they would continue to receive the best education possible, but also the help they need during their online learning.

Oh, the picture on this post. That’s our pre-school kids having a blast playing with shaving cream which is not only super fun but also helping them in their development.

There is no need to worry about distance learning, just pick up the phone and call us now at 661-266-1220 and we will join you the busy parent keep up with this new way of learning. If you ever ask yourself about a good daycare near me, know that our daycare in palmdale is here to help. xoxo


Daycare News Daycare News 2020

June 2020

As things begin to feel as they are going back to normal our daycare in Palmdale continue to take measures in making sure our kids stay safe and healthy. This will be a continuous effort until we can be assured that the spread of Covid-19 is no longer at a dangerous level.

Summer time is always a fun time at daycare for our kids. Unfortunately, many places we take our kids on field trips remain closed. So this year we will make the best out of it and keep our kids happy and entertained at daycare by doing daily activities and events.

Parents make sure you send your kiddos with a change of cloth as we are bringing out the water toys for some fun during the summer.

We all know things are not how we’d like them to be, but we promise to continue giving your kids good memories and a place they can consider their second home. Our goal is to not only make sure our kids are safe, but to also give them a memorable daycare experience.

Daycare News 2020

May 2020

The world has taken us for a spin. Everything is closed and we are trying to do our very best to accommodate all parents looking for a daycare in Palmdale. The world felt so normal just a month ago and from one day to another asking if there is a good daycare near me became something that was no longer as important as it was before.

Although we are all scared, as adults and protectors of children we must keep the calm and make our kiddos feel as normal as possible.

Practicing social distancing in daycare can be challenging, but it’s important to do so to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. So what do we do at daycare? We separate children and place them in small groups and assign one of our amazing team members to that group.

This month our kids learned about the importance of our essential workers in the community. We talked about what is happening and the important people that are helping keep us safe and healthy.

But don’t worry the world will go back to normal slowly, everything will be okay.

Daycare News Daycare News 2020

Information about COVID-19 in March 2020

Key Points

  • Limit Exposure, Keep Your Kids Home If You Are Not Working.
  • Anticipated that 56% of California will be infected soon.
  • To assure we can operate as long as possible No Sick Kids Allowed.
  • Our duty is to protect every child, and prevent spreading the virus.
  • Kids May be Exposed at Daycare.
  • Ways we can shut down.

Well, So far we have seen a huge increase in COVID-19 infections. It is fair to say this feels to feel like a bigger burden each day that passes. 

Let’s be optimistic and stay positive. 

Daycares in Palmdale are feeling like we are right now, nervous. Not knowing what is ahead is frightening, we know some of our families have essential jobs in the community, but we ask that if you are staying home, please keep your kiddos home.

We cannot assure you that we will not catch the coronavirus, it can also be said that we cannot be sure if you might contract it and bring it to daycare; so sorry, but it’s true. Our duty right now is to limit exposure by taking drastic measures. 

Currently here are the stats of the spread of Covid-19 as of May 11, 2020. 

Prior recorded Stats of  Covid-19: March 22, 2020. 

California Governor is afraid that this number will rise dramatically, It is projected that 56% of California’s population will be infected with Covid-19. 

This is worrisome, and I ask myself if I may be a little over dramatic, but I’m sorry I have never lived through something like this before so I prefer to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I know you all agree with me on that. 

Where are we at?

Daycare is an essential service to our community, so as for right now we will continue to support our working families for as long as we can. Hopefully, we get through this without having to close, but only time will tell.

Why would we close?

  • If we become sick.
  • If a child comes to daycare sick.
  • If a parent is sick with Covid-19.
  • If the state shuts us down
  • If the Federal Gov shut us down
  • If the city shuts daycares down

It’s all about direct contact and the Government so the above scenarios  would put us at risk in contracting or being exposed to the virus and the Government taking further action to combat it. 

That is why we have to take drastic measures. It is why at this moment we can not accept any kids that have any symptoms or are sick.

Our goal is to be there to support parents that are first responders and others with essential jobs. 

During these times of uncertainty, we must be patient and supportive to one another. Our duty to our daycare families is to protect every child. We know this is frustrating but please during this time we ask that you

  • Keep your child home if they’re sick.
  • If you need to work, but have another parent or relative that is not working leave them with them. 
  • Keep them home if you or any other person in your family is sick

We are cleaning and disinfecting more than ever. We are washing hands often, and screen every child when they arrive. 

We believe taking these measures will allow us to continue to stay open. If this gets worse then I think we will have to make the decision as a moral and civic duty to our local community, but for now we are taking it day by day.

If anything changes you will be the first to know.

If you are looking for a fun loving daycare, you can now say “There’s an amazing daycare near me !” We are located in Palmdale and have been serving our community since 2005. Join our daycare family today!

Daycare News Daycare News 2020

February 2020

Welcome daycare parents to the month of February. A month where friendships are made, and being sweet makes every ones day.  This month we will be having some fun, with fun Daycare Valentines Day activities, an giving away our cards on the 14th. Yep, we are celebrating with cookies, juice, decorations, music, and tons of happy smiles.  Its always nice to see kids celebrate valentines day, it really fills the day with friendliness and love.

Daycare News 2020


Hey we’re back and continuing the fun! That’s right, we are officially working on our new website. After lots of thinking it over, we decided to revamp our site. Our new site will host tons of cool things like parent information, and

Daycare News

Ms. Monique’s tips to finding the Right Daycare​

Ms. Monique's tips to finding the Right Daycare​

A daunting task for every parent, the moment you realize you need to find a daycare for your precious children. It’s stressful, time consuming, and sometimes urgent; taking away time to check out multiple daycares in the area. 

First things first, If you’re looking for a daycare in Palmdale, or asking yourself “I wonder where I can find the best daycare near me”, then you need to start by doing research.

Start by Researching

Great way to start your task of finding the right daycare is by asking your friends, family, and co-workers if they have any recommendations.

After, best place to start is Google and Facebook. Just type in your search and you’ll see a list of daycares in palmdale or any city you’re in. 

Questions to ask

As parents your main concern are your children and it is never wrong to ask to many questions. As providers we encourage you to ask as many questions as you would like. By asking questions you are making sure which environment is right for your children. You might be asking yourselves which daycares in Palmdale or  daycare in general are right for me and my family.


Some questions you might ask may be: 


  • Is the center or in home daycare licensed by the state?
  • How many kids is each caregiver responsible for?
  • How do they discipline the children?
  • What is their emergency plan?
  • Is the staff trained in CPR and first aid?
  • How experienced is the staff with children?
  • Can you visit your children at any time?
  • How does the staff communicate with the parents?
  • What do they feed the children?
  • Are they sponsored by USDA (United States department of agriculture) food programs?
Trial Period


This is a good thing for children starting a daycare. After searching for daycares in palmdale or any other city and select one, you as a parent should let them know that you’re interested in a trial period when signing up. Daycares use trial periods to observe if a child is adapting well into their new environment. Sometimes just because you think it’s a good daycare doesn’t mean your child will feel the same. I’m not saying the daycare is bad, but maybe there are certain factors that are not setting well with your child; one common issue is size of daycare, some kids thrive better in smaller daycares and vice versa.


Do not feel bad if your childcare provider tells you that perhaps it’s better if you search for another daycare within the trial period. Ask why and if they can give you any recommendations. Don’t see this as an insult or anything negative, instead be happy that the daycare was open with you, and cared more about your child than a paycheck.


A child’s’ happiness and ability to adapt in a new environment is more important than anything”

What to look for in a daycare


What should you look for in a daycare? Parents always want the best for their children. There are many daycares in Palmdale but in order to find the best daycare for your children and be able to feel comfortable with your new provider, you have to look for certain details.


Things to Look for:


  • Is your child drawn towards the daycare provider? Does your child express positive feelings about the daycare provider?
  • How does the staff interact with the children? Are they kind and considerate towards them?
  • Is there plenty of playtime or activities for your child/children to participate in.
  • Is the facility clean and safe?
  • Does the center have an outside area where the children could play?
  • Are foods and beverages provided throughout the day?
  • Do the children look happy and engaged in activities?
  • Do the children look dirty and not taken care of?

Personally, I love the children in my daycare in Palmdale. I started Kid’s `N Colors Daycare because I volunteered at other local daycares in Palmdale when I was a teenager, and noticed that children had a special connection with me.

It amazed me to see kids at daycares I would volunteer for follow me around, gravitate towards me when looking to be reassured.

This became important to me when I stated my daycare, and later as I realized having great relationships with my children not only made my job more exciting, but was a huge benefit for my kids’ development. The Center of the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning conducted a research project focusing on teacher-child relationships, and concluded that children who have a good relationship with their teachers or childcare providers are influenced positively in their social and emotional development, and good peer interaction. more here.

This is why it is important to notice the relationship your child has with your daycare provider, as it can have a future developmental impact on your child.

Meet your needs.

When you’re trying to find the right daycare in Palmdale, you have to know what you want. Where do you want the daycare to be located? Do you want an in home daycare or a large center? Do you want it to be closer to your home or work? These are all things to consider and there is really no right or wrong answer, it all depends on what works for you as far as convenience and comfort level of the selected daycare.

We’d love to help!

We’d love to help! If you’re looking for a daycare in palmdale, please give us a call at 661-266-1220, or fill out the contact form on here. We would love to have you join our small yet amazing daycare family. We have had the pleasure of providing care for dozens of families since 2005, and proudly can say that most of our kids stay with us until they are able to care for themselves or move—yet they always visit!

Please follow us on facebook and read more reviews here.

Daycare News Daycare News 2019

August 2019

Lets go back to school!

Hey there, It’s back to school! Our daycare in Palmdale is excited to get the kids back to school as they continue their journey to become amazing people. If you ever wonder if there’s a daycare near me that can care for my kids while I’m at work or school, get to and from school safely, do their homework, eat nutritious meals, and have a good time then please call us today! School is always a time that parents worry because of everything that has to be prepared so fast, not to mention knowing that your kids will be in a new environment and with a new teacher.

But, I think it’s an opportunity to get our kids excited to reach closer to what they want to become when they grow up.

Getting them excited for school Tips.

 Here’s a tip, ask them what they want to be when they grow up and tell them that they have to go to school in order to make their dreams come true. You can even add how excited you are for them and how proud you will be when they become a doctor, professional athlete, or whatever they imagine themselves being in the future. I know its to early to really know, but the point is to get them excited for school!

Another tip, is simply telling them that they are lucky because they will see old friends and also make new ones.

If you would like to join our child care, then it is also part of their amazing experience. At our day care in Palmdale we care about our kiddos, and allow them to grow their social and emotional skills.  To us they become part of our daycare family and we really love what we do.

Count on us to pick up and drop off your kiddos every day. We are here for all of our families and promise to try our very best always.

If you would like more information about our daycare please feel free to call us or fill out our contact form here.

Our daycare family has grown over the years and we feel inspired by the dozens

 of families we have had the pleasure of assisting during such an important part of their lives, in our daycare in Palmdale, that’s a real home away from home. If you are looking for daycare during the spring please give us a call at 661-266-1220.  We have been trusted by dozens of families over the past 10 years and about 90% of families have been long term–really special as we have seen them grow:)   like us on facebook and give us a call! If we do not have any space please  join our waiting list and we’ll be sure to call you when a space is available. Click here for waiting list