Stay Healthy at Daycare

Staying healthy these days is more important than ever. We as a daycare family are responsible in taking every precautions to make sure our kids and staff stay healthy at daycare. Below you will find a few practices you can share with your friends and family to avoid spreading germs when you are sick, or to reduce the possibility of getting sick. Covid-19 has become an ongoing challenge at every daycare, and we have to do everything to limit the amount of exposure to this unprecedented pandemic.

Sneezing 101

Sneezing we all do it and it is the leading cause of the spreading germs and viruses. wearing a mask is a good way to help prevent the spread of sneezing germs by capturing most particles that shoot out of us. Those particles are so small they stay in the air and become transmittable when another person walks in the area– that is why during these days of Covid-19 mask wearing is important in public spaces. But what about classrooms and younger kids in Pre-K?

This video shares a good way to keep germs out of the air when we sneeze, and younger kiddos should see this to learn the proper way to sneeze in order to reduce the amount of germs let out.

As things begin to feel as they are going back to normal our daycare in Palmdale continue to take measures in making sure our kids stay safe and healthy. This will be a continuous effort until we can be assured that the spread of Covid-19 is no longer at a dangerous level.

Summer time is always a fun time at daycare for our kids. Unfortunately, many places we take our kids on field trips remain closed. So this year we will make the best out of it and keep our kids happy and entertained at daycare by doing daily activities and events.

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands, the ultimate way to help prevent the spread of germs, and not to get germs on your face. We touch our faces all the time, and most of the time we don’t ven realize it. For daycare kids, this is important since they play all day and are always going things that require touching. Our team encourages watching hands, and we wash hands ALOT during the day 🙂 Watch this video to share with your kiddos at home 🙂

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