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We’ve been operating since 2005 and our goal has always been to be as flexible and helpful to all of our families. We offer meals and snacks for kids, a Preschool curriculum, pick-up and drop off services from home and school, and field trips. Your children are our main priority and we try to make sure they are always taken care of, but also make sure that we are giving you the parent all the support you may need.
Below you will find more information about Kids N Colors Daycare, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Meet Ms. Monique

Hi, thank you for visiting Kid’s ‘N Colors Daycare Online. I started my daycare journey when I was 15 years old. I worked at a family childcare in Palmdale and quickly fell in love with the kids. I knew that moment that I would make this my career. When I was 18 years old I went to college to begin my education in early child development. At the same time I started a small in home daycare. Soon after I began to get a few kids, and then started getting busier and busier. It was so much fun, and a very unique experience.

I remember my first families first reaction when they met me. They said ” Wait, you’re the child care provider?” With complete enthusiasm I would respond “Yes, that’s me!” They were a bit surprised that I was so young taking on such a big responsibility. With hesitation to leave their precious children in the hands of a young 18 year old, they felt they could trust me. Well, those first parents have become very close friends and yes their kiddos were safe with me! 🙂

I’m proud to say that I was lucky to find my calling very young, and I do what I do because I love children. Even today after 16 years I am still in love with my daycare. My goal is to give families a safe and loving place for their kids while parents work or go to school. I truly see every child in my care as my own, and try my hardest to give them the best experience. I hope you can be the next family to join our daycare and become part of our daycare family. I hope to meet you soon. 🙂 xoxo Ms. Monique

"Monique has an amazing daycare. My 3 kids have all been going there and she has thought them all soooo much. She does many fun things with them and also keeps them very active. They don't just let the TV watch the children. She is very fun. Most importantly my kids love her and sometimes don't even want to come home with me. As bad as I feel about that I am thankful that they are not screaming when I leave them."
Karrie O
Daycare Parent Since 2007
Reddy Red
Preschool Curriculum

Available for all children that do not attend school ages 2-4. We also encourage 1 year olds to participate. Newborns are exposed to music, singing and dancing.

Meals and Snacks

We provide all meals and snacks! Thats right, at KNCD we provide your child with nutritious meals and snacks that meet CACFP guidelines.

Mr Green
All Gov Programs Accepted

We accept all government programs like CCRC Palmdale. Please give us a call for further assistance and to help answer any of your questions.

Asset 3
Pick-Up & Drop-Off

We understand the need that some of our parents require assistance in picking up and dropping off at School and home. We offer this service to help working parents pick up their children from school of parents that do not have transportation.

Field Trips

We love them and have most of them during the summer! It’s true our kids get to enjoy fun field trips to fun places. We visit to the Zoo, Movies, Museums, Theme Parks and many more awesome places.

Louie Bluey
Meet Parents Needs

We try to meet all our parents needs. That is why we have a very flexible schedule. If you have any questions or would like to know if we can accommodate your schedule please give us a call. We will be happy to help.

Want to join our daycare family?

Address: 1915 E Ave R4, Palmdale, CA 93550

Email: kncdaycare@gmail.com

Phone: 661-266-1220

Website: www.kidsncolorsdaycare.com