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Lets go back to school!

Hey there, It’s back to school! Our daycare in Palmdale is excited to get the kids back to school as they continue their journey to become amazing people. If you ever wonder if there’s a daycare near me that can care for my kids while I’m at work or school, get to and from school safely, do their homework, eat nutritious meals, and have a good time then please call us today! School is always a time that parents worry because of everything that has to be prepared so fast, not to mention knowing that your kids will be in a new environment and with a new teacher.

But, I think it’s an opportunity to get our kids excited to reach closer to what they want to become when they grow up.

Getting them excited for school Tips.

 Here’s a tip, ask them what they want to be when they grow up and tell them that they have to go to school in order to make their dreams come true. You can even add how excited you are for them and how proud you will be when they become a doctor, professional athlete, or whatever they imagine themselves being in the future. I know its to early to really know, but the point is to get them excited for school!

Another tip, is simply telling them that they are lucky because they will see old friends and also make new ones.

If you would like to join our child care, then it is also part of their amazing experience. At our day care in Palmdale we care about our kiddos, and allow them to grow their social and emotional skills.  To us they become part of our daycare family and we really love what we do.

Count on us to pick up and drop off your kiddos every day. We are here for all of our families and promise to try our very best always.

If you would like more information about our daycare please feel free to call us or fill out our contact form here.

Our daycare family has grown over the years and we feel inspired by the dozens

 of families we have had the pleasure of assisting during such an important part of their lives, in our daycare in Palmdale, that’s a real home away from home. If you are looking for daycare during the spring please give us a call at 661-266-1220.  We have been trusted by dozens of families over the past 10 years and about 90% of families have been long term–really special as we have seen them grow:)   like us on facebook and give us a call! If we do not have any space please  join our waiting list and we’ll be sure to call you when a space is available. Click here for waiting list

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