January 2022: A new year, Thinking big in 2022

Kids `N Colors Daycare Monthly Newsletter

It’s 2022 and our daycare in Palmdale is excited to bring in a few new exciting things our kiddos will love!

We are grateful to bring in 2022 with all of our amazing daycare families, we are thankful for our awesome team that goes over and beyond to give every child in our care the care and attention they deserve. This year we have plenty of new things planned, and even with many restrictions we will deliver a great daycare experience to our families.

As you all know we entered 2022 with a lot of Hope that the world will go back to normal this year, however, with new COVID-19 Variants arising it seems like we might see some challenges in 2022. Still we are hopeful we have a great year, and one way to achieve this is by people working together. More than ever we are living in a world where being united and good to each other is so ever needed. Although, this all may seem difficult, we see it as an opportunity to find a solution, or a way to make the very best of everything–I mean we still need to be happy.

We put everything in what we do! Our promise to our families, kids, and community is to give you the best of us, and find a way to make our kiddos enjoy life as if nothing has changed. With that, we will be doing tons of stuff this year!