Summer time at daycare

Kids `N Colors Daycare Monthly Newsletter

Daycare parents welcome to JULY 2021, wow summer is almost over and our kiddos will be returning back to school. Summer has been a complete hit! Even with current restrictions because of Covid this summer has been super fun for our daycare kids. Our amazing team has put together some fun activities this month for both our school age and preschool kiddos.


We are so excited for July and our Summer Camp! We’ll be celebrating Summer by having our annual summer party, having wacky dress up days and enjoying snow cones from the Kona Ice Truck.

We have so many fun activities planned each week that coincide with the weekly themes.

Our First week in July will be Patriotic Week. We will learn about America, why we celebrate it’s Birthday every July 4th and make some fun crafts with the colors Red, White and Blue. The Second week will be about the Ocean. We will learn what animals live in the Ocean, what they like to eat and make some fun Ocean crafts.

The Third week will be Pirates. We will be able to dress up like Pirates, learn about what Pirates did, why they loved treasure and we will go on a treasure hunt. The Fourth and final week of Summer Camp will be Mad Science. We will be able to dress up like scientists, we will make goop (similar to slime) and watch how mentos react with Coke a Cola.

We are so happy we get to spend our Summer with you.

We hope you all have an amazing 4th of July!

School age kids

The end of summer is almost here.

To enjoy our last weeks of summer vacation we will be having our annual summer party. For our summer party we will have wacky dress up days and end the week with yummy snow cones from the Kona Ice Truck.

On July 9th we will be experimenting with a new desert themed art piece. On July 16th we will have a lesson regarding our planets and taking home our own solar systems. We will also be participating in kindness week by discussing how we should treat others as well as how we like to be treated. We will then create a puzzle of what makes us happy.

We are so excited to end our summer with you.