May 2020


The world has taken us for a spin. Everything is closed and we are trying to do our very best to accommodate all parents looking for a daycare in Palmdale. The world felt so normal just a month ago and from one day to another asking if there is a good daycare near me became something that was no longer as important as it was before.

Although we are all scared, as adults and protectors of children we must keep the calm and make our kiddos feel as normal as possible.

Practicing social distancing in daycare can be challenging, but it’s important to do so to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. So what do we do at daycare? We separate children and place them in small groups and assign one of our amazing team members to that group.

This month our kids learned about the importance of our essential workers in the community. We talked about what is happening and the important people that are helping keep us safe and healthy.

But don’t worry the world will go back to normal slowly, everything will be okay.

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Reddy Red

Reddy Red

Kid's N Colors Daycare

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