November 2020

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Welcome November!

So excited to see our kids happy during this season of celebration! Last month we had tons of fun during our spirit week, and also an unforgettable Halloween Party!

Our daycare kidos were super happy, something well needed during these different times. We’ve been doing this since 2005, and I have to say that the challenges we face now makes everything in our little daycare world like a puzzle of 1000 pieces; we have to be patient as we have to try different things to piece it together.

To continue giving our kids as much normal as possible.

That’s why we want to continue doing these special events for our kids. It’s important to keep their spirit up and remind them that being a kid is all about having fun.

So this month when you ask yourself “what is a good daycare near me doing for kids during November?”

Thanksgiving Celebration Week!

Know we are here for you and your kids.

Parents! Looking for a daycare that assists kids during their distance learning? We do and would love for you to join our daycare family 🙂

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Reddy Red

Reddy Red

Kid's N Colors Daycare

"We'd Love for you to join our daycare family!""