September 2020


We’d like to thank all of our daycare families for working with us to make the best out of distance learning, which is now a part of our everyday life. Our kiddos are trying hard to stay on task, complete their work and make sure they are up to date. We are working closely with teachers to make sure we give them the support they need to teach their students from distance.

It really is a challenge, but we decided that if this is going to be the new way kids are being educated then we must do our part to part to give our kids all the support they need.

What did we do? We hired tutors for you kids! That’s right, we decided that our kids come first, and we will do what ever it takes to help them continue being successful in school–after all they are the future of our world and that means everything to us.

This did not come lightly as we did not know the future of EVERYTHING during the first few months of the pandemic, however, since we have always tried our very hardest to give our kiddos the best we wanted to make sure that they would continue to receive the best education possible, but also the help they need during their online learning.

Oh, the picture on this post. That’s our pre-school kids having a blast playing with shaving cream which is not only super fun but also helping them in their development.

There is no need to worry about distance learning, just pick up the phone and call us now at 661-266-1220 and we will join you the busy parent keep up with this new way of learning. If you ever ask yourself about a good daycare near me, know that our daycare in palmdale is here to help. xoxo


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Reddy Red

Reddy Red

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