June 2020

daycare kids Get Wet

As things begin to feel as they are going back to normal our daycare in Palmdale continue to take measures in making sure our kids stay safe and healthy. This will be a continuous effort until we can be assured that the spread of Covid-19 is no longer at a dangerous level.

Summer time is always a fun time at daycare for our kids. Unfortunately, many places we take our kids on field trips remain closed. So this year we will make the best out of it and keep our kids happy and entertained at daycare by doing daily activities and events.

Parents make sure you send your kiddos with a change of cloth as we are bringing out the water toys for some fun during the summer.

We all know things are not how we’d like them to be, but we promise to continue giving your kids good memories and a place they can consider their second home. Our goal is to not only make sure our kids are safe, but to also give them a memorable daycare experience.

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Reddy Red

Reddy Red

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