February 2021

V day Daycare

Its February 2021 the month of love, and our daycare in Palmdale is celebrating like we always do, but with some small changes of course. It was a lovely Valentines day celebration, and our kids got a chance to participate in spreading the love and spirit of friendship by passing out their Valentines Day cards to their buddies. Usually, we would have a big celebration as it is always fun to celebrate friendships. As you search and ask yourself “is there a good daycare near me?” Remember we are always ready to help you out with your kiddos, and you can count on having a daycare that cares for you and your baby’s. You will not join just a daycare, but instead a daycare family. During this season that our daycare in Palmdale celebrates love and friendships, it’s safe to say that we need this right now more than ever. I’ve been blessed to be in a world where many different cultures and ethnicity’s, come together in one tiny place called Kid’s N Colors Daycare. I love it and so do all my kids, especially to grow up in a place where we might all be different, but share one same thing–a BIG smile! With all the love in the world, I invite you to give us a call and schedule a tour today!

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Reddy Red

Reddy Red

Kid's N Colors Daycare

"We'd Love for you to join our daycare family!""