Find the Best Daycare Near Me

Find the Best Daycare Near Me: Things to consider. Should I find a daycare near home or close to work.

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Daycare near me? Yes, its time for you to find a daycare for your kids, and boy can it be tough. Sometimes parents ask say to themselves, “I hope I can find a Great daycare near me, or at least in town.” This is most of all cases, but some parents struggle to find a daycare in Palmdale or their city that they love, and gives them no choice but to travel.

Real Home Away From Home

Our daycare had a family for a few years that had to travel 30 minutes from their home to drop of their kids to my daycare in Palmdale, and then drive all the way to work which was about half hour from their jobs. I asked mom a few times “Isn’t it an inconvenience for you to have to drive out of your way, then head back the and drive to work that is a lot closer to your home than childcare? ” I was absolutely happy to hear her respond, which sounded a little like this, “I cannot find a good daycare near me, and I love you guys and don’t trust anyone else with my kids.”

I felt great! I truly felt blessed by that type of feedback, and felt as she recognized our hard work. 🙂 So, there are those cases where a family might have to look a little further from where they live to find a good daycare.

At the Park

Finding a good daycare near me.

Yes you can! I strongly believe that we daycare providers are a different kind of breed of people, ones that loves working with children. Why we all do it is for different reasons, but at the end it all comes down to loving being a part of kids lives and guiding the future of our world.

Don’t be afraid to look local first.

As I mentioned you will probably find the right daycare after you search for a daycare near me, but make sure that they have the following.

  1. Are licensed by the state of California
  2. Have a local business license
  3. Have a good reputation (They should have some type of testimonials)

I know it’s scary, but we in home childcares and centers are there to help you while you do Adult stuff like work or go to school. You’ll know if you find the right childcare, if you don’t find one immediately, keep looking. You’ll soon find one that best fits your needs.

Kids N Colors Daycare a Good day at the museum

Should I find a childcare near home or where I live better than one close to work?

One thing to ask, is if there is an emergency, and for some reason you can’t leave your job or don’t hear your phone who can pick up your child. Maybe you work out of town, and if an emergency arises and you need someone to pick up your child, who will be willing to drive where you work to pick up? Consider asking yourself, “would a daycare near me be more beneficial?” some parents have relatives that live in the same city pick up kids in case of an emergency.

Celebrating with our kids at daycare

That one thing to consider should be a good indication of where you should look for childcare Sometimes it would be good to have your kids near your job, but having you kiddos in a childcare where you, your family, and friends live is probably a better idea. A just in case tip, because you never know if you’ll one day need someone to pick up your kids from childcare.

If you’re looking for a daycare near me, our daycare in Palmdale or Daycare in Lancaster I would love to help! Please give us a call today or you can enter your details in our waiting list here. Give us a start date your contact information and we’ll call you! FInd us on google and follow us on facebook!

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