May 2021

PLanting at daycare

Kids `N Colors Daycare Monthly Newsletter

Its May 2021 and our day care in Palmdale and Lancaster have been super busy doing fun activities and will continue doing so throughout the month.

We put all our focus on having a quality child care you can trust, this month at daycare!

Welcome back Parents to our Monthly Newsletter. We have some fun and exciting things to share with you and your children in May.


We are so excited for May! Spring time is in full swing, the flowers are blooming and we are celebrating all our moms. We are making a special surprise for our wonderful moms.

This month we will review letters Aa – Zz; review numbers 1 – 10; count to 30; review colors red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, brown, black, white, gray, turquoise, pink, lavender, magenta; review shapes circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, star, diamond, heart, crescent, pentagon, octagon, hexagon, rhombus, shamrock, trapezoid, cylinder, cone. For Science we will be learning about magnets. For Social Studies we will be talking about where we might go in the summer. Our opposites are open and close. Our Virtue is honesty. We will review sight words me, see, you, do, what, my. We are also working on recognizing our names and spelling them.

Teacher appreciation week is May 3rd – May 7th.

We are wishing all our moms to have a great Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 9th.

Planting at Daycare 3
Planting at daycare 2
KNCdaycare Planting

Kids N Colors Daycare: Kids planting in biodegradable pot for science time. An Activity that every child would enjoy. To learn how you can teach your kids how to plant check out this cool project. click here

School age kids

Spring is here, so let’s celebrate. To kick off our month of May we will be creating a fun Mother’s Day surprise.

After celebrating our amazing moms, we have plenty of other fun activities planned. On May 14th we will be creating our own nebula in a jar that you can take home. On May 17th we will have a lesson in gardening and make our very own looms to take home. On May 21st you will get to take home a Home in a box.

We are so excited to be celebrating this new season with friends, family and more.

It is truly a blessing to be able to continue our program after a long past year filled with many obstacles because of Covid-19. We have done everything possible to give our kiddos the same daily routine, and know that like us other child care programs have felt the same amount of pressure during these times. Still we managed to offer our preschool kids a program that promotes social skills, and all the tools they need to be prepared for Kindergarten.

It hasn’t been easy for us adults just imagine our kids, some have stayed indoors and have not had the chance to socialize with other children for sometime. We invite you to join us regardless if it’s part time or full time daycare. We’d love to have your kids be a part of our program.

Check out this link from the CDC. It’s a Parent Resource Kit to help in your Childs Social, Emotional and Mental health.

Whether you’re looking for a quality in home daycare or child care center give us a call today, and know you have a place for your kiddos you can trust.

Check out what one of our parents says about our daycare, “I’m so happy that there is a safe and loving daycare near me. I have trusted Ms. Monique at Kids N Colors Daycare with my babies since 2016.”


Feel free to reach out to us anytime!

Currently Preparing for our SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM!

Contact our daycare in Palmdale Ca at: 661-266-1220

Contact our Daycare in Lancaster Ca at: 661-802-1672

Summer camp children ages: 2yr-12yrs

Spaces are filling fast! Call Now to set up a tour.

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